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Health Coaching

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Health Coaching is a relatively new patient-centered practice that has proven to be very effective. Health coaching when combined with other health and wellness disciplines such as physical therapy. It develops an individual and personalized program elaborated by the health coach and the client. Since it has the direct input of the person, every program is unique and based on the individual’s preferences and necessities.

Carolina decided to include health coaching as a part of her practice because through her profession, she came to the conclusion that most of the time people do not take adequate care of their health. Two basic reasons were most common;  either because they don’t know how to do it, or because of of other impairments such as pain, anxiety,  surgeries  or items requiring physical therapy. Often the health, nutritional and well-being part of things its pushed aside. Then you have some simply under the wrong idea of “healthy food equals grass” .

By bringing health coaching to her practice she is able to create tailored individual programs that give support to her patients physical therapy program from beginning to end. The goal being to make a lifestyle change that will create a healthier and happier YOU.

What Can Health Coaching Help With?

Besides the obvious effects a Health Coach can have on your overall well being by making you feel better about yourself, more self confidence and aid in your physical therapy treatment program; Health Coaching can:

    • Help To Lower Bad Cholesterol and Increase Goof Cholesterol.
    • Lower Your Blood Pressure
    • Help With Diabetes, and in Some Cases Eliminate Symptoms.
    • Weigh Loss and Obesity
    • Help With Cardio-vascular Disease

Your Next Steps?

Health coaching has shown positive results in the management of a wide variety of health issues such as blood pressure, weight management, diabetes, chronic inflammation and many more. The health coaching perspective and coaching-based approaches have value in that they put the focus squarely on the patient and his or her goals. This is a huge improvement over the patient-education-oriented approaches that have always been used in health care.

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Health coaching services at Wholistic PT are only offered as part of the welcome package or custom designed packages. The personal program will be designed based on an initial interview that will set goals and a strategy to reach those goals. It will backed up by some cooking classes that will be developed in a group setting while still meeting personal preferences and focusing on teaching clients how to eat healthily and deliciously.

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