Lower Back Pain Relief

How Can Myofascial Release Help Lower Back Pain?

Lower Back Pain Causes

Lower back pain or lumbar pain may have similar symptoms from person to person, but the cause of those symptoms might be completely different.  Low back pain can be caused by pelvis misalignments, muscle and soft tissue tightness, and or nerve irritation.  Lower back pain can start in one area and extend to other muscles and tissues causing a vicious cycle of continuous pain.  The important part here is that the main common cause in ALL cases is myofascial restrictions in the local lumbar area or in a distant body part.

These fascial restrictions can pull the soft tissue from the lumbar area directly or indirectly. When the pelvis is misaligned, it can result in lower extremities postural length discrepancy. This happens because the lumbar muscles to work in a non-normal position to function. Thereby, overloading the soft tissue and the nerves.

It’s these types of misalignments that cause lower back pain. Through daily activities such as walking, additional stress affects all the tissues until the pain becomes unbearable.

I’ve been visiting Carolina for several months after finding her in a directory of MFR therapists. I would describe the issues I was experiencing and she would use her knowledge and experience to systematically explore the sources of the issues and to work on resolving them.

Things that stood out to me: 1) she’s very knowledgeable of the MFR techniques; 2) she’s very attentive during the session, noticing how different parts of the body react during treatment; 3) she’s very passionate about helping patients – she knows her stuff, explains her findings well, and is genuinely excited about making progress; 4) she’s good at intuitively “tuning in” with the patient so that it feels like she’s working with you, not just on you.

Phil G.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Traditional medicine to relieve low back pain uses pain killers and soft tissue relaxants.  These types of prescriptions can provide minimal relief or temporary relief, but they do not treat the cause of lumbar pain.

Traditional physical therapy can also offer lower back relief treatment.  In physical therapy sessions, the patient is treated for the local symptoms of lower back pain and is usually enrolled in a core strength program. Many times, patients have experienced relief from low back pain with physical therapy, but often times, it’s not permanent.

Time after time, many patients are told by their health practitioners that they will continue to suffer from back pain after treatments are unsuccessful.  And it is normal to go through exacerbation and remission cycles.

This is not true!

How Myofascial Release Helps Relieve Low Back Pain

lower back paint reliefWhen patients receive the news of “it’s part of life,” I’m grateful they don’t give up. Instead, they seek a more natural or holistic treatment for back pain. That’s how they find us. Through Myofascial Release, it is possible to realign the fascia, which, in many cases, ends up being the cause of lumbar or lower back pain.

Research shows that the fascia is not only the support system of the body. It is also the communication network in between all and every single cell in the human body.  Fascia forms a tridimensional web that expands through the entire body.  In fact, all body tissues including organs, bones, muscles, etc. are fascia specializing in different functions. For example, bones are solidified fascia.

Fascial restrictions are unique for every person suffering from lumbar pain.

  • In some cases, fascial restrictions may be caused by old or recent scar tissue, close or further away from the lumbar area.
  • In other cases, the fascial restrictions are caused by postural issues, or maybe overuse of a body part during daily activities.
  • We’ve also seen if a patient suffers from fascial restrictions in one part of their body, they might overcompensate in the lumbar area to perform certain activities. Thereby creating unnecessary lumbar pain.
Carolina Gutierrez

Wholistic PT offers a unique approach to treating lower back pain. We believe in treating the cause instead of merely the symptoms.

Since every case is different, it is especially important that everyone seeking lower back relief has an evaluation before receiving treatment.

When the cause of the lower back pain is corrected, the pain diminishes and eventually disappears. By providing holistic therapy for back pain, our patients can live a normal life without limitations or fear of back pain.

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